The Year 2020 has been a challenging time for all of us. As quoted from an article in Atlantic magazine, The Year 2020 is a “Matter of Life and Breath”. Families are divided by distances or loss, businesses and jobs have been revived but then lost. But this year is also the time of survival. Time to reset our life. It is the time to spend with our family, weave the bonds that were lost when we were all busy with jobs and otherworldly issues.

On the business side, these are the facts in 2020:

  1. Margins are down
  2. More challenges in business as most clients have more requirements to suit current business or world economy situation
  3. Limited suppliers in the market

That is why you need to call us.

This year, is also a New Start, a New Life for us.

This new life brings us PT. Alternatif Teknologi Nusantara (“Alternate”), an Indonesian company, which was established in 2020.

A New Start, a New Life, philosophy also shaped our logo, which is a representation of a fern leaf, indicating a new beginning and growth. 

We ask you to come and grow with us, as a partner and a friend, where honor, and also trust, is never an issue between us.

Yes, we are young and new company…..but established by people who have been in the industry for years, and our products have been tested and used all over the world in hundreds of applications and conditions for many years.

As we grow together….

let’s start our journey.


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