surface & underground alignment system

DeviAligner is a portable battery operated north seeking gyro alignment system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North, inclination and roll angles both at surface and underground drill sites

rapid drill hole alignment

This state-of-the-art north seeking gyro features an easy to operate Android app, wireless communication, standard rechargeable and replaceable batteries and a maintenance free operation

Time efficiency

Among the fastest setting time available on the market

Rechargeable batteries

DeviAligner may be used with one or two rechargeable batteries, each providing 6 hours on a full charge. The batteries may be swapped to allow continuous operation throughout a full shift

Rugged IP68 handheld device

A rugged portable IP68 Android Smartphone is utilized to communicate with DeviAligner and display live measurement data

Why DeviAligner is a state-of-the-art north seeking gyro system


Plug-and-play functionality is easily used to align drills and collars both on surface and underground


This non-magnetically affected system can be used both on surface and underground sites

Maintenance free

No maintenance is necessary with DeviAligner when used according to the manual. Devico supplies a multi-size fixing bracket in the kit

What included in DeviAligner package

North seeking alignment system

Multi-size mounting bracket

Rechargeable battery

Water proof case

Handheld device



Surface & Underground Alignment System

  • Diamond Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Exploration
  • Available for sales or rental
  • Extremely high accuracy on both azimuth and inclination
  • Same accuracy both on surface and underground
  • Among the fastest alignment rate in the industry
  • No recalibration required over service life
  • Report for archives and QA
  • Controlled by Android app or web browser
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • High precision system covering all Northern and Southern latitudes
  • Length: 320mm/12.6″
  • Width: 249mm/ 9.8″
  • Height: 217mm/ 8.5″
  • Operational temperature: -20° to 55°C
  • Storage temperature: -40° to 80°C
  • Azimuth accuracy: 0.15°sec lat
  • Inclination accuracy: 0.1°
  • Battery type: rechargeable
  • Battery capacity, continuous use: 6-12 hours (depend on temperature and number of batteries)
  • Data communication: Android app or web interface
  • Setting time: 5 minutes
  • Position: Latitude required
  • Charge time: 3 hours
  • Charger: 100-240VAC

DeviAligner works with


Continuous, precise, high speed gyro

DeviFlex Rapid

Continuous, non-magnetic instrument for in-rod surveying


Transparency. Security. Simplicity. That’s survey data managed through DeviCloud

Frequently asked questions

Is the DeviAligner for sale?

Yes, DeviAligner is available for purchase and rental.

Can DeviAligner be used underground?

Yes, unlike GPS based alignment systems, DeviAligner incorporates advanced fibre optic gyro technology and can therefore be used underground.

We forgot to turn off the DeviAligner and now it won’t start, how do we get it working again?

Simply recharge the batteries. If for any reason that does not work, obtain new batteries (Milwaukee M18).