Transparency. Security. Simplicity

It’s finally here!

DeviCloud is officially launched at May 3, 2021.

Connecting Drillers to Geologists and Engineers through a fast, secure and uncomplicated platform, the transfer and management of survey data is more streamlined than ever using DeviCloud.

DeviCloud is a secure online portal offering instant and secure sharing of survey data within a private user group, along with an extensive range of processing, plotting, analysis and reporting functionalities.

Direct and encrypted transfer of survey data to the DeviCloud portal can be simply completed by connecting the handheld device to a network.

DeviCloud also offers further quality control, where multiple data sets can be overlaid and transparently reviewed. 

Sync directly to planned holes or upload data from your desktop

Control user permissions and editing rights on all access levels

Plot surveys across numerous parameters with 2D & 3D graphs



DeviCloud offers a safe, and seamless data transition and organization from Drillers to Geologists.

Export to standard CSV formats

Know your data and connection is always secure with fully encrypted security

DeviCloud supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge browser versions


Security and assurance in survey data results

Survey data quality, assured

Comprehensive data analysis and endless comparisons at the user’s fingertips

  • detailed QA reports
  • 2D and 3D graphs
  • compare multiple surveys at a time
  • easily move table headers before exporting CSV files

Survey data, secured

  • DeviCloud is hosted by Microsoft Azure, a reliable and flexible hosting platform
  • Secure login authentication and authorization
  • Connection to DeviCloud is always enrypted

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Control User Permissions

Easily manage data accessibility and editing rights for team members

Geology Manager

The Admin user manages user permissions for team members and has full editing, modifying, deleting* and uploading rights

*sites only


Delete users have full editing, modifying, deleting* and uploading rights but cannot manage other user permissions

  • *sites only

Junior Geologist/ Drill Supervisor

Modify users can upload survey data where permitted, and can reallocate/ edit projects, programs and holes, but cannot delete them

Drill Supervisor/ Driller

Upload users can upload survey data where permitted but they have no editing, deleting or modifying rights

External Users

Read-only users can view all data within a hole where permitted but has no uploading, editing, deleting or modifying rights

Technical Specifications

How DeviCloud manages your survey data

  • Survey Data Capacity: Infinite
  • Plotting: 2D & 3D
  • Communication: Two-way
  • Data communication: Wireless
  • Tools Supported: DeviAligner, DeviGyro, DeviFlex, DeviShot
  • Hosting Platform: ISO27017 certified
  • Login Authentication: ISO27017 certified
  • Supported Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
  • User Access: Defined by admin user
  • Security: Secure, encrypted data transfer

DeviCloud works with


Continuous, precise, high speed gyro

DeviFlex Rapid

Continuous, non-magnetic instrument for in-rod surveying


North seeking rig alignment system


Most advanced single & multishot instrument in the industry

Frequently asked questions

Which survey instruments are compatible with DeviCloud?

DeviGyro range, DeviFlex RAPID, DeviShot and DeviAligner instruments are all DeviCloud compatible.

How much does it cost for DeviCloud?

DeviCloud is free for all customers. DeviCloud is compatible with DeviGyro, DeviShot, DeviAligner and DeviFex RAPID.

How many members can we have in our DeviCloud user group?

As many as you need, the user group is unlimited with DeviCloud.