Devico Guarantee

On all Devico survey instruments purchased from Devico or its licensed resellers, Devico includes a two (2) year repair guarantee from date of purchase. The Repair Guarantee covers circumstances where the Product Warranty is not valid, or has expired.

Under this warranty a Devico instrument that is damaged or destroyed will be repaired or replaced given that proof of serial number and proof of purchase date (date of bill of sale) can be provided to Devico AS. The maximum cost for each Devico instrument repair is limited and depends on the number of months since the tool was purchased from Devico AS.

The repair guarantee is subject to change at any time, see Devico website for current terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

The repair guarantee does not apply:

To lost tool that cannot be returned to Devico Head Office

To instruments where serial number is not readable (e.g. instrument box, running gear and handheld units, electronically or mechanically)

To other parts than the actual instrument (e.g. centralizer, running gear, instrument box and PDA)

To freight, import/ export and related costs

To instruments where serial number is not readable (electronically or mechanically)

To instruments purchased in used condition

If the instrument is purchased from OTHER reseller and not from authorized Devico sales agent

To replacement instruments

To DeviSight and DeviAligner