Continuous core orientation

Changeable survey tools

The DeviCore BBT is the latest core orientation innovation from Devico. 

The kit includes two DeviCore BBT probes with changeable survey tools and a core barrel extension, and is ready to be assembled on the drilling equipment on site.

Three high-accuracy accelerometers

DeviCore BBT uses three high-accuracy accelerometers. It measures inclination, orientation, gravity sector, temperature and battery status, and offers quality control on the results. 

Highly robust and reliability
combined in one DeviCore BBT

Find why this highly robust and reliable core orientation innovation from Devico is the one to choose to keep the influence on the daily production rates at a minimum

Brilliant Blue Technology

Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) to communicate tool with handheld device wirelessly, ensuring high precision digital results.

The operation follows a clear step-by-step procedure, and one probe can be started or downloaded while the other is down in the hole.

Long life Battery

Long life internal replacement battery means DeviCore BBT instrument can remain at the drill site without requiring changing for 2 to 6 months

Transferable electronics to other running gear sizes

Versatile upgrade to any other sizes running gear without the need of a new full kit

Quality control in your hands

DeviCore BBT offers quality control by showing The Gravity Vector value that will validate if the inclination and orientation data can be considered valid.

DeviCore BBT

Continuous core orientation

  • Diamond Drilling core orientation
  • Down hole orientation
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Exploration
  • Available for sales or rental
  • Cost effective core orientation system
  • Transferable electronics to other running gear sizes
  • Inclination data recorded
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • High precision system
  • Digital results with archived data, no manual results transcription
  • QA check
  • DeviSoft software easy to manage

Frequently asked questions

i’m drilling in HWL and NWL sizes, would i be able to use devicore bbt?

DeviCore BBT comes with changeable survey tools that fit into NWL, HWL and PWL running gear, suits to any of your drilling size requirements.

Does the DeviCore system record inclination?

Yes, DeviCore BBT records inclination, orientation and temperature

do i need to buy running gear to use devicore bbt?

No, DeviCore BBT kit comes with Extension tube according to its size. However, extension tubes in NWL, HWL and PWL sizes are available for purchase at Alternate when the extension tube needs replacement.

What is the Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) activation system and how does it work?

BBT is Devico’s wireless communication system. It is a Bluetooth signal that is sent from the internal logging tool, through the pressure barrel and to the handheld unit. This replaces the conventional method of cables or having to open the assembly to achieve connection and communication.

do i need to send devicore back to alternate when it needs battery replacement?

No, DeviCore battery is a lithium battery that could be replaced on site, in a safe and dry place. A battery indicator level is always recorded on each survey. Please notify us when you need a battery replacement, and we will send it on the same day. In case of emergency, DeviCore also can be operated using alkaline battery, although the operating time would be significantly less shorter than using lithium battery.

What do I do when my DeviCore will not wake up/start?

Replace batteries, check for water or moisture inside running gear. See if the tool comes up in the Bluetooth overview after waking it up with the magnet, even though it does not blink. If nothing works, contact Alternate.

Is an Android handheld device included in the DeviCore kit?

Yes, an Android handheld device is included with every Devico borehole survey solution.