Smart Wireless Electronic Wire Counter

Knowing the exact depth of the survey tool is vital for surveying accuracy. With this in mind, Devico has released the BBT wireless DeviCounter, a wire counter designed to give high precision depth data without compromising user friendliness

Long life Battery

DeviCounter can be operated for a full 24 hours without recharging. 

The battery is recharged from empty to full in approx. 2.5 hours

Rugged IP67 Android

A rugged android smartphone is utilized to connect with DeviCounter and give real time display of depth and line speed data.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance needed. DeviCounter only needs to be rinsed off and cleaned after use.

DeviCounter is recommended to have a calibration check once every two years.

Why DeviCounter is the smart choice?

Simple Integrated Software

DeviCounter is integrated in Devico survey tool software, DeviSoft Mobile.

Besides displaying results, it also allows the user to enter a known start depth.

Water Resistance

DeviCounter has IP67 rating and will withstand most conditions encountered on a drill site.

User Friendly

DeviCounter is easily attached to the drill rod with the included clamping system


Smart Wireless Electronic Wire Counter

  • Diamond Wireline Drilling
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Exploration
  • Determine length of wire, cable, rope, etc.
  • Available for purchase or rent
  • Multi-size clamping system
  • Long range wireless connection
  • Fits wire sizes from 2 to 10 mm
  • Light and easy to attach
  • High precision system
  • Digital data
  • Weight: 4.7kg/ 10.4lbs
  • Length: 320mm/ 12.6″
  • Width: 140mm/ 5.5″
  • Height: 200mm/ 7.9″
  • Wire diameter: 2-10mm
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of wire length
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Clamp size: B to H
  • Data communication: wireless
  • Temperature range: -30° to +75°C
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery capacity, continuous use: Approx. 24 hours
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours

DeviCounter works with


Continuous, precise, high speed gyro

DeviFlex Rapid

Continuous, non-magnetic instrument for in-rod surveying


Most advanced single & multishot instrument in the industry


Push reel system

Frequently asked questions

How is the depth displayed?

The depth is sent wirelessly for immediate and continuous display on a handheld device, either in the dedicated DeviCounter app or integrated in the app of the survey tool.

Is the DeviCounter sold separately?

Yes, even though DeviCounter is included as part of all DeviGyro kits, it is available for separate purchase and may be used in any case where wire length measurement is needed.