Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey

DeviFlex Rapid Package

The DeviFlex Rapid is a package consisting the highly popular non-magnetic DeviFlex Auto-Rotate survey instrument, the smart DeviCounter and a QA processing software. 

The DeviFlex Rapid instrument is a non-magnetic, memory, reference, survey tool based on high sensitivity strain gage technology.

Three centralizers

Three specially designed centralizers are fitted along the length of the tool, each centralizer fits comfortably inside the drill rod, held in position by two strong springs. The centralizers are designed to rotate the DeviFlex Rapid as it traverses inside the drill string, ensuring any bias errors are efficiently eliminated.


The DeviFlex Rapid is connected to the overshot and may be lowered or pumped into the borehole at high speed while surveying. Survey data is recorded both during the in and out run for comparison and additional quality control.

Why choose DeviFlex Rapid

User friendly and detailed instruction

In addition to training and 24/7 technical advisor available, a user-friendly Quick Start Guide is provided with DeviFlex Rapid

User manual with in-depth information on kit set up, operation, result analysis, maintenance until trouble shooting is provided with DeviFlex Rapid

Continuously High Speed Survey with soaring accuracy

Gone are the days when the survey tool had to stand still at each survey station to log data. The DeviFlex Rapid can be moved continuously without stopping from start to end of hole, and back again

Three technologies combined of DeviFlex Auto-Rotate survey instrument, the smart DeviCounter and a DeviSoft Mobile processing software ensures high accuracy surveys at a fraction of time

Non-Magnetic Survey

This non-magnetic strain gauge survey tool is not affected by magnetics  making it ideal for in-rod surveying, eliminating the guess-work associated with magnetic single/ multishot survey instruments

Long life battery

With its long life battery package and no-drift strain gage sensors, the DeviFlex Rapid may be used over long durations, in inclined, horizontal or up-holes without affecting accuracy

Low maintenance

DeviFlex Rapid requires very little maintenance and repair

Smart Wireless Electronic Wire Counter and Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey combined together.

DeviCounter and DeviFlex Rapid

For depth measurement, the DeviCounter digital wire counter is included in the DeviFlex Rapid package. It connects wirelessly to the operating PDA and stays connected through the survey run, continuously updating the display with high accuracy depth data. 

Further information is available in the DeviCounter page.


integrated system

DeviCounter is integrated in the Devico survey tool software, DeviSoft Mobile, providing real time depth data during DeviFlex surveys.

Collar Reference

The DeviSight (surface) or DeviAligner (surface & underground) are recommended for collar reference alignment. 

Further information is available in their respective pages.

DeviSight Surface

A portable battery operated system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North azimuth and coordinates at drill sites

DeviFlex Rapid

Ultra-rugged non-magnetic survey for core drilling


A portable battery operated north seeking gyro alignment system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North, inclination and roll angles both at surface and underground drill sites

DeviFlex Rapid

Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey

  • Underground Diamond Drilling Wireline, Pump down or conventional
  • Surface Diamond Drilling – Wireline
  • Pilot holes
  • Exploration
  • Grade Control
  • Resource Definition
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Suits a large variety of coring rods
  • Dip Range (+85° to -85°)
  • Improved driller safety
  • Continuous survey operation
  • Inrod surveying – not affected by magnetics
  • 17 stage quality assurance check
  • Monthly battery recharge (400 hrs use)
  • More cost effective and robust than gyro instruments
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Simple and intuitive software
  • High accuracy
  • Zero drift over time
  • Pause mid survey for up to 12 hours
  • Backed by unbeatable Devico Repair Guarantee (for more information please see “More” page)
  • Running gear: Integrated
  • Weight: 20kg/ 44.1lbs
  • Length: 4000mm/ 157.2in
  • Diameter: 40mm/ 1.57in
  • Pressure: 300bar/ 4350psi
  • Temperature range: -15° to 75°C
  • Compatible size: BWL, NWL, HWL & PWL
  • Azimuth accuracy: +/- 0.01° per station
  • Typical positional accuracy: 0.30%
  • Inclination accuracy: +/- 0.2°
  • Tool face accuracy: +/- 0.2°
  • Inclination range: +90° to -90°
  • Temperature: recorded
  • Survey speed, up to: 35m/min
  • Effected by magnetics: No
  • Battery capacity, continuous use: 400 hours

Frequently asked questions

What downhole survey tools from devico brand for diamond core drilling?

DeviShot, DeviFlex RAPID, DeviGyro RG40 and DeviGyro Overshot Xpress.

What sizes does the DeviFlex RAPID support?

B, N, H and P (plus the different wheel sizes).

Can I run DeviFlex in continuous mode?

Yes, if you have DeviFlex RAPID. We have a special offer to effectively upgrade Standard DeviFlex units to DeviFlex RAPID, including DeviCounter and android device.

What is the maximum operating speed for the DeviFlex RAPID?

Maximum recommended operating speed for DeviFlex RAPID is 45m/ min.