Head Assembly core orientation tool

DeviHead is the new and unique core orientation system by Devico. 

DeviHead consists of a new miniature survey instrument small enough to fit inside a core barrel head assembly.

The kit includes two DeviHead units with changeable survey tools and spindle assemblies, and is ready to be used with the standard head assembly on site.

DeviHead uses electronic accelerometers for high accuracy survey data. It measures inclination, orientation, gravity sector, temperature and battery status, and offers quality control on the results. 

Simplicity at your hand

With DeviHead, no core barrel adjustments are necessary, and core orientation may be started or ended at any time without having to retrieve the drill string and core barrel from the drill hole

Rugged IP67 Android Smartphone

An Android Smartphone is utilized to initialize, activate, display result and store core orientation data from DeviHead.

Utilizing Devico BBT technology, DeviHead communicates wirelessly with a handheld device without the need for opening any threads

Probe Transfer

Versatile upgrade to any other head assembly sizes without the need of purchasing a new full kit

Why DeviHead offers a revolutionary system

Find out why this miniature survey instrument offers a revolutionary system fully integrated with the drilling equipment

Fit to all

DeviHead is designed to fit head assemblies from most of the major drilling tools manufacturers, without affecting length, operation or quality

Long life battery

Long life lithium battery means DeviHead can remain at drill site without requiring charging. 

The internal battery can be sourced at most hardware stores and is easily replaced by the user every 1 to 2 months

Low Maintenance

Very little maintenance is needed for electronic unit of DeviHead. Calibration check is recommended to be performed once every two years.

DeviHead mechanical parts should be greased and maintained as a normal head assembly.


Head assembly core orientation tool

  • Diamond Drilling core orientation
  • Down hole orientation
  • Geotechnical invetigation
  • Exploration
  • Available for purchase or rent
  • No core barrel extension needed
  • Transferable electronics to other sizes
  • Inclination data recorded
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • High precision system
  • Digital results with archived data, no manual results transcription
  • QA check
  • DeviSoft software easy to manage
  • Running gear: Included
  • Weight: 5.4kg/ 11.9lbs
  • Length: 450 to 485mm
  • Diameter: 55.6mm
  • Pressure: 300bar/ 4350psi
  • Temperature range: -15° to +70°C
  • Compatible sizes: NWL & HWL
  • Inclination accuracy: +/-0.5°
  • Inclination range: -90 to +90°
  • Orientation accuracy: +/-0.5° per station
  • Orientation range: 0° – +/-88° dip
  • Temperature: Recorded
  • Effected by magnetics: No
  • Data communication: Wireless
  • Battery type: 1 x CR123a Lithium
  • Battery capacity, continuous use: Approx. 45 days

Frequently asked questions

Do we need core barrel extensions to run the DeviHead core orientation system?

No, DeviHead is designed to fit inside a core barrel head assembly so no extensions are required.

Is an Android handheld device included in the DeviHead kit?

Yes, an Android handheld device is included with every Devico borehole survey solution.

My DeviHead will not wake up/start

Replace batteries, check for water or moisture inside running gear. See if the tool comes up in the Bluetooth overview after waking it up with the magnet, even though it does not blink. If nothing works, contact Alternate.