surface alignment system

DeviSight is a portable battery operated system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North azimuth and coordinates at drill sites


DeviSight uses GPS carrier phase measurements to accomplish the azimuth alignment and collar coordinates. 

GPS signal is used to record latitude, longitude and UTM coordinates of the alignment being measured

High precision and user friendly assurance

The most accurate and easy system available on the market

High precision longitude, latitude and UTM coordinates

Most cost effective Azimuth finder

The most cost effective Azimuth finder for surface use – north seeking gyro alignment systems are significantly more expensive

Rugged IP67 handheld PDA

A rugged portable IP67 PDA is utilized to initialize, activate, display results with a Wi-Fi

Why DeviSight Surface is the chosen one

Long life battery

DeviSight rechargeable battery life provides 11 – 12 hours on a full charge, twice the capacity of its closest competitor

Hi-tech processing software

DeviSight is operated through an instrument driven software that generated PDF reports and collects data from every azimuth capture.

Starting azimuth can be reviewed and verified at the drill site showing exact position and direction. This system is not magnetically affected and uses both types of navigation satellites (Glonass and GPS)

Maintenance free

No maintenance is necessary with DeviSight Surface. For highest precision, ensure no overhead obstruction to allow optimal signal from all available satellites. 

Devico supplies a multi-size fixing bracket in the kit

What included in DeviSight Surface package

Rugged Electronic device
Rod mounting bracket
Rechargeabley battery
Water resistance case
Wi-Fi interface

DeviSight Surface

True North Azimuth Alignment System

  • Diamond Drilling – Surface
  • Reverse Circulation – Surface
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Exploration
  • Available for sales or rental
  • The most cost effective Azimuth finder for surface use
  • Export results as digital data, no manual transcriptions needed
  • PDF report for archives and QA
  • High precision longitude, latitude and UTM coordinates
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • High precision system covering all Northern and Southern latitudes
  • Glonass and GPS satellites