Orientation Mule-Shoe

An Orientation Mule-Shoe is a required component for effective downhole navigation surveying with the DeviGyro RG40 or DeviShot instruments, in the navigational drilling application.





Compatible sizes

100mm to 400mm



Orientation Mule-Shoe applications

Attached to the bottom of the survey instrument, the Orientation Mule-Shoe has a landing sleeve that enables the survey instrument to align with the correlating pin inside the downhole motor or wedge (methods of Navigational Drilling). This process establishes the “high-side tool-face” of the survey instrument, which is essential for knowing the orientation of the downhole motor or wedge.

Combined with the advanced DeviGyro and DeviShot technology, the drill crew is effectively provided with the true orientation and positional data they need, in a timely manner, to be confident that are on plan and beginning the Navigational Drilling alteration correctly.

  • Precise High-side tool-face data
  • Scandinavian made – robust and reliable
  • Compatible with DeviShot and DeviGyro
  • Magnetic Tool Face
  • Gravity Tool Face

Navigation drilling

Orientation Mule-Shoe works with


Most advanced single & multishot instrument in the industry


Continuous, precise, high speed gyro

Frequently asked questions

Does the Orientation Mule-Shoe come included in the DeviGyro and DeviShot kits?

No, Orientation Mule-Shoes are ancillary items and supplied on request.

What is High-side toolface?

High-side toolface is the angle of the borehole survey instrument within the drill hole, measured clockwise relative to up and in the plane perpendicular to the drill hole axis.