RG400 Centralizer Kit

The RG400 Centralizer Kit provides large scale auto-rotate centralizers designed for various civil
and geotechnical drilling applications.

Compatible with the DeviGyro RG40 Standard borehole surveying solution. 


3.4kg per unit


520mm per unit





RG400 Centralizer Kit Applications

For optimal borehole surveying accuracy, it is imperative that the survey instrument is properly centralized in the drill hole. Especially in larger diameter, near-vertical drill holes predominantly seen in the civil construction industry, such as piling and raise boring drilling applications.

Complimenting the DeviGyro RG40 Standard’s adjustable centralizer system, the RG400 Centralizer Kit boasts heavy duty rollers and patent-pending rotating functionality, securing both smooth, high-speed descent and high precision. Adjustable between the range of 100 and 400mm / 4’’ to 15’’.

Compatible with the DeviGyro RG40 Standard borehole surveying solution, the RG400 Large Centralizer kit expands the already wide variety of surveying applications made possible with the DeviGyro technology.

  • Increase survey accuracy in large diameter drillholes
  • Scandinavian made – robust and reliable
  • 3-wheel sizes for adaptability
  • Auto rotates functionality
  • Adjustable, user friendly
  • Civil Drilling Applications
  • Open hole surveying
  • In-rod surveying
  • Pilot holes
  • Piling
  • Weight                     : 5.7kg/ 12.56lbs per unit
  • Length                      : 530mm/ 20.86in per unit
  • Wheel sizes           : 45mm/ 1.77″ & 125mm/ 4.92″
  • Compatible sizes: 100mm/ 3.93″ to 400mm/ 15.78″
  • Material                   :  Non – magnetic

Frequently asked questions

Are the RG400 Centralizers included with an DeviGyro RG40 Standard kit?

No, RG400 Centralizer kits are an ancillary item and supplied on request.

What is the total length and weight of the DeviGyro RG40 assembly when using these centralizers?

Total length 1.6m (including spear-head point) and total weight is either 15.9kg or 16.6kg, depending on the wheel size.