Advanced Single & Multishot instrument

High precision instrument with superior strength

The DeviShot is a downhole survey instrument used to measure the drill hole path, in a non-magnetic environment.

Android Application 

The DeviShot is operated by an android application with intuitive step by step operation, also offering all the functionality needed for advanced users.

An IP67 rated Nomad PDA or an Android smartphone are utilized to initialize, activate, display results and store survey data from DeviShot. 

Enjoy superior 
 and high precision 
combined together.

Magnetic Single/ Multishot

DeviShot offers a rugged instrument, measuring the drill hole path, in a non-magnetic environment.

With the core barrel removed, DeviShot is run through the drill bit and extended into the open hole. Two Aluminum rods attach to DeviShot and ensure a safe “non-magnetic” distance from the drill bit. A landing collar attaches to the Aluminum rods preventing the assembly from passing through the drill bit.

Available sizes

Standard and peewee sizes

DeviShot is available in the standard 35mm diameter or in 30mm smaller diameter requirements projects

When technology and high precision combined

Learn more about DeviShot proven specialties in great accuracy and extra long life battery.

Find the unique ability to check battery status without having to leave site, and the convenience for having quality control on your hands

Great accuracy

Each survey data point is independent of the other.

Provided magnetic readings are removed, the survey accuracy is very high (better than 1:1000)

Extra Long Life Battery

Long life 1200hrs internal replacement battery means DeviShot can remain at drill site without requiring charging up to 6 months

Ability to check battery status

Battery status for the tool and handheld device is visible anytime for checking to ensure survey can be done without delay and with reliable result quality

Quality control on your hands

Preset Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI)  and Magnetic Dip thresholds ensure every data point is validated at the drill rig, saving time and improving data quality checking.

Any data point affected by ferro magnetics or the presence of steel are flagged in red

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic Tools?
We got both covered

Whether you work in a magnetic or a non-magnetic environment, we have
the perfect survey instruments for your every needs


DeviShot survey instrument is used in a non-magnetic environment

DeviFlex Rapid

DeviFlex Rapid survey instrument for usage in rods or near ferro-magnetic material


  • Diamond Drilling Wireline Pump down or conventional
  • Surface Diamond Drilling – Wireline
  • Pilot holes
  • Directional Drilling
  • Exploration
  • Grade Control
  • Resource Definition
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Blast Holes
  • Grout and control holes
  • Highly robust, repeatable and reliable
  • Simple and intuitive software
  • High accuracy
  • QA check Azimuth data at the rig
  • More cost effective and robust than gyro instruments
  • Independent azimuth and dip reading at each station
  • Long life battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Backed by the unbeatable Devico Repair Guarantee (see “More” page for more information)
  • Running gear: Integrated
  • Weight: 3.6kg/ 12.60lbs
  • Length: 1170mm/ 46.1″
  • Diameter: 30 or 35/ 1.18″ or 1.38″
  • Pressure: 500bar/ 7250psi
  • Temperature range: -10° to +70°C
  • Azimuth accuracy: +/-0.5°
  • Inclination accuracy: +/-0.1°
  • Tool face accuracy: +/- 0.2°
  • Azimuth range: 0° – 360°
  • Inclination range: -90° – +90°
  • Temperature: recorded
  • Effected by magnetics: Yes
  • Magnetic vector: Recorded
  • Magnetic dip: Recorded
  • Memory: 5000 readings
  • Data communication: Wireless or cable
  • Battery type: 2x 3.6V Lithium
  • Battery capacity, continuous use: 1200 hours

DeviShot works with


Smart wireline counter


Transparency. Security. Simplicity. That’s survey date managed through DeviCloud


Push reel system

Frequently asked questions

What are the compatible sizes for DeviShot?

DeviShot are compatible for sizes BWL, NWL, HWL and PWL

What is the Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) activation system and how does it work?

BBT is Devico’s wireless communication system. It is a Bluetooth signal that is sent from the internal logging tool, through the pressure barrel and to the handheld unit. This replaces the conventional method of cables or having to open the assembly to achieve connect and communication.

could i use my smartphone to operate devishot?

Each DeviShot kit is equipped with a rugged Android smartphone with IP68 rating, but YES, DeviShot can be operated using any Android smartphone.

How long does it take to activate a DeviShot instrument, from opening the case?

First, turn on the android smartphone and choose DeviShot app. Then it will take approximately 5 seconds to connect DeviShot app to the Instrument. Ready to start survey.

do i need technician from alternate to standby on site?

No, DeviShot is a user friendly instrument that can be operated by client on site. Our technical advisor will provide sufficient introduction training and/ or refresher training for user, followed by 24/7 technical support.

What downhole survey tools do Devico offer for diamond core drilling?

DeviShot, DeviFlex RAPID, DeviGyro Overshot Xpress and DeviGyro RG40.

Is the DeviShot compatible with the DeviCloud data management system?

Yes, DeviShot, DeviFlex RAPID, DeviGyro and DeviAligner are all DeviCloud compatible.

english is not my first language. how do i understand the instructions?

Worry not. This website, instructions and quick start guides, also video tutorials have been translated, subtitled or voice-over to Bahasa Indonesia.

Is an Android handheld device included in the DeviShot kit?

Yes, an Android handheld device is included with every Devico borehole survey solution.