Video pelatihan DeviShot

Video pelatihan DeviShot yang meliputi langkah-langkah:

  1. Isi kit DeviShot
  2. Aktivasi alat
  3. Mulai Survei
  4. Merangkai alat
  5. Survei

Video pelatihan DeviCore BBT

Video pelatihan DeviCore BBT yang meliputi langkah-langkah:

  1. Isi kit DeviCore BBT
  2. Merangkai alat
  3. Aktivasi alat
  4. Survei
  5. Mengorientasi contoh core
  6. Mengekspor hasil survei
  7. Mengganti paket baterai

Video pelatihan DeviFlex Rapid

Video pelatihan DeviFlex Rapid yang meliputi langkah-langkah:

  1. Isi kit DeviFlex Rapid
  2. Koneksi alat dan aktivasi
  3. Survei
  4. Merangkai ke DeviCounter
  5. Memulai DeviCounter
  6. Survei
  7. Mengambil hasil data survei

Video pelatihan DeviCounter

Video pelatihan DeviCounter yang meliputi langkah-langkah:

  1. Merangkai DeviCounter
  2. Memulai DeviCounter
  3. Survei

Video pelatihan DeviAligner

Video pelatihan DeviAligner yang meliputi langkah-langkah:

  1. Isi kit dan persiapan DeviAligner
  2. Menentukan garis lintang
  3. Memasang ke drill rod
  4. Proses alignment

Video pelatihan DeviGyro

Video pelatihan DeviGyro yang meliputi langkah-langkah:

  1. Bagian-bagian DeviGyro
  2. Memasang baterai (bila pergantian diperlukan)
  3. Merangkai perangkat DeviGyro
  4. Memulai survei
  5. Memasukkan DeviGyro dan memasang DeviCounter
  6. Survei lubang pengeboran
  7. Mengunduh data survei

DeviHealth Training Video

Video demonstration on DeviHealth Training, covering:

  1. DeviHealth parts
  2. Inclination, toolface and heading angles for DeviGyro
  3. Connecting instrument to phone
  4. Orientation and leveling of the instrument stand
  5. Start the test
  6. Survey check
  7. Oscillation test
  8. Drift check
  9. How to read the report

DeviCloud Training Video

Video demonstration on DeviCloud Training, covering:

  1. Introduction
  2. Create site
  3. Add project
  4. Add drill program
  5. Add hole
  6. Drill program overview
  7. Editing and change
  8. Batch import
  9. Edit grid offset
  10. Manage access control
  11. Change user settings
  12. The help menu
  13. DeviCloud and the Android app
  14. Simulated survey
  15. Export results
  16. Export surveys from locally defined holes
  17. View survey
  18. View QA report
  19. Download or export QA report
  20. Table review
  21. Survey overview
  22. Upload and inspect