Digital Core Orientation system with maximum accuracy and details

Core orientation work is an essential preliminary step in mining exploration This activity provides geological, geotechnical and mineralogical data that allows accurate mine planning. 

Geological orientation is part of the mining research process before the exploitation of a deposit. It is a drilling technique that consists of drilling holes to obtain a sample of the subsoil with the help of a small diameter tube. The extracted sample is called the core. This core is a valuable source of information to identify faults, veins, stratifications, sediments and structural features. Without thorough core orientation, mining exploration today would be more costly and inefficient.

Having described the role that oriented drilling plays in mine planning, SPT introduces you to their developed tools that will simplify this important work, CoreMaster and GyroCore™.

Core Orientation systems

Digital core orientation systems by SPT.
Versatile, and easy-to-use instrument that ensures rigorous and effective core orientation, automatically synchronizes with SPT SmartCloud™


A single core orientation device

for any diameter


Orienting core and survey at the same time.

One tool, one run, two services