High performance, cost-effective magnetic survey tool.
Intuitive and smart software allows for simple data collection.


North-seeking solid state continuous gyro.
The world’s most advanced gyro with outstanding accuracy of 3 sigma.

GyroLogic™ Evo

Precision and reliability, taken to the next level.
Meet the ultimate downhole directional survey tool


Slim and compact continuous gyro. Ideal for blasting operations


Multi diameter digital core orientation device.
The easiest to use core orientation device in the industry.

Gyro RigAligner™

Align your drill rig, seeking true north in under 5 minutes.
Eliminate redrilling, save costs and reduce downtime.

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud-based platform for safeguarding and managing real-time survey data.

Introducing Stockholm Precision Tools

Introducing our new partner, Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT), a Swedish company leading in the design and manufacture of solid state gyro technologies for surveying in drilling operations in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Civil Engineering industries.

With more than 25 years of experience, SPT has been a trusted partner and provider of high quality solid-state gyro solutions. Developing their tools in-house, SPT offers the most advanced technologies for borehole trajectory survey equipment with an unmatched seal of quality and reliability to customers, and all projects.

Following their presence in more than 50 countries all over the world, in 2024 Alternate has been trusted to join their vast global network as SPT’s authorized distributor for Indonesian mining market.

State-of-the-art technology

By keeping SPT’s design and manufacturing in house, SPT can monitor every aspect of production to ensure each product is up to international quality standards

Navibore™ technology

SPT’s solutions minimize drilling risks by ensuring the integrity of the data obtained thanks to their Navibore™ technology.


A global network around the world in more over 50 countries, including Alternate, enables us to deliver a gold standard service quality to clients.

SPT Products Range

From downhole navigation to core orientation tools, from rig alignment to software and all the supporting products. With over 25 years of developing high-precision solutions, find the solutions to your drilling needs

SPT SmartCloud™

SPT SmartCloud™ is the cloud-based platform developed by SPT, for safeguarding and managing real-time mining survey data.

The advantages of using SPT SmartCloud™:

  • Seamless borehole surveying projects management
  • Easier data analysis, improved decision-making process
  • Global teams management in real time
  • Secure storage in an intuitive platform
  • Fast and safe data synchronization
  • Real time data from anywhere in the world