High performance magnetic survey tool

A solution for an affordable, high performance magnetic survey tool, which has been an integral part of projects across the world for many years.

best seller in indonesia


In the midst of ever-growing demand in non-magnetic survey tools , magnetic survey tool still holds its highest rank as the most wanted survey tool in Indonesia

Affordable, without sacrificing reliability, robustness and high accuracy, MagCruiser™ is quickly getting its reputation as a go-to survey tool in Indonesia market.

Available for rental and sale.

Why MagCruiser™ is
a high performance, affordable magnetic tool

High performance, cost effective option

MagCruiser™ technology has been proven in the harshest mining conditions, and offers top performance at affordable rates.

It withstands extreme conditions from -20°C to 60°C and a staggering 5670psi of pressure.

Simple to use with unmatched inclination accuracy

MagCruiser™ is able to provide an inclination accuracy of ± 0.05°, making it the most precise and accurate magnetic survey tool in the market. MagCruiser™ works perfectly at all inclinations and automatically generates reports at any interval.

Easily capture high quality data

MagCruiser™ uses an intuitive & simple software interface to capture high quality data. Single shots can be combined in the interface to create and calculate multishot survey paths.

Survey results can be recorded directly in SPT SmartCloud™, ensuring real-time data synchronization, anywhere in the world.

Technical Specifications


MagCruiser™ works with

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud-based platform for safeguarding and managing real-time survey data.

Keep track of your survey data in real time, from anywhere in the world


Portable, high precision calibration stand for all your survey tools, easily generates certificates for any audits.

Frequently asked questions

i’m looking for a low cost survey tool. do you have a tool in mine?

Yes, MagCruiser™ is the solution of low cost survey tool in a magnetic disturbed environment. It is still a reliable validation for downhole survey tool.

what sizes are available for magcruiser™?

MagCruiser™ available in all P, H and N sizes running gear in one box, making it easier and more compact for your transport. Minimizes operational time and effort.

do you have magcruiser™ available?

Being a best seller item, MagCruiser™ is a shelf item at Alternate. Available for rental and sale