Your data from anywhere in Real-time

In this day of age, it is hard to deny that even mining is immersed in a digital transformation process. However, although many of us will have heard of this concept, it is perhaps not clear what it means.

Well, digitalization is defined as the convergence of the real world with the virtual world. Applied to mining, this means transforming analog processes and physical objects into digital ones.

SPT is fully aware of the need for digitization in the sector, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology in SPT tools, the highest precision is guaranteed, but also maximize operator safety.

Proof of the importance of technology at SPT is pioneered the introduction of Bluetooth® in SPT tools more than a decade ago. This technology enables wireless communication between devices.

Similarly, in 2021 SPT launched one of their latest innovations: SPT SmartCloud™, which allows the management and storage of borehole trajectory measurement information from all of their tools. This offers the possibility for the customers to have at their disposal, in a quick and accessible way, all the data related to their drilling. It also allows validation of quality control data and instant export of QA/QC reports in the most used industry formats.

SPT is committed to the digitization of mining projects. We have seen first-hand how this investment in digital solutions has improved profitability, reduced accidents and helped minimize the environmental impact of our customers’ operations.

SPT SmartCloud™ features

SPT SmartCloud™ reduces nonproductive time and improve decision making while drilling or completing a well. Accelerate your team collaboration and ensure survey integrity across all your mining projects.

Real time data from anywhere

Keep track of your survey data in real time, from anywhere in the world. SPT SmartCloud™  enables you and your team to access your data from any device, at any time.

  • Monitor your entire drill fleet from the comfort of your office
  • From basic reports to advanced planning on the go. All at hand. Anytime

Global teams management

Control access to sensitive information by creating a wide range of user roles and fully customizing their permissions

  • Allows global teams to work with each other in real time and with no limits. Borders are not an issue anymore
  • Make teamwork easier and shorten the gap between your global geologist in one area and your drill team elsewhere
  • Customize the roles of your entire team – from the basics to the assigned permissions

Secure storage in an intuitive platform

Create and share operations planning, audit trails and automate QA/QC reports to streamline the decision making process. 

  • Securing data chain of custody, from the driller’s device in the field to the decision makers’ office computers. Regardless of the distance, it guarantees maximum safety.
  • QA/ QC and privacy has become one of the greatest challenges, according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard
  • Supported by the latest technology in cybersecurity managed by experts in the field. Complete peace of mind for you, your company and all users

Easier data analysis improved decision-making process

  • With access to real time data, transformed into valid information, decisions can be made in a blink of an eye
  • Faster decision making thanks to a wider cloud management: drill planning, user permission, audit logging, automated QA/QC and much more
  • Customizable units system for better understanding and report analysis too

Seamless borehole surveying projects management

  • Provides a visual representation of every project’s progress in real-time
  • “Quarantine function” allows surveys to be uploaded on the fly with no need of pre-existing projects
  • Share standalone datasets with third-parties without giving them access to your entire database

Fast and safe data synchronization

  • Automatic synchronization of all measured data, instantly
  • Errors in the workflow are reduced to the minimum
  • Compatible with all SPT tools

Frequently asked questions

i have several projects which utilize several tools. how do i manage information from all these tools?

SPT SmartCloud™ compatible across all SPT instruments. With SmartCloud™, you can easily set up projects and drillholes, controlling access through password and time limits, anywhere in the world, for any of your tools

is it safe to store data in SmartCloud™?

SPT SmartCloud is secured by data chain of custody, with users having each of their own access and password. Regardless of the distance, it guarantees maximum safety. 

how do i start using SmartCloud™?

SPT SmartCloud™ comes with monthly subscription. Contact Alternate for more information and training on how begin and optimize your SmartCloud usage

SPT SmartCloud works with

The SPT SmartCloud™ cloud-based platform for safeguarding and managing 
real-time mining survey data is available throughout all SPT tools range