Survey tools

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When completing a borehole survey, azimuth and inclination are registered into your survey tool. There is a wide range of survey tools available that are capable of completing a borehole survey. 

A magnetic or non magnetic borehole survey tools, SPT has a wide range of revolutionary survey tools available

Magnetic vs. Gyroscope Surveying

The importance of a borehole survey tool’s accuracy for a mining operation is essential. Whether it is a Magnetic, or a Non-Magnetic Gyroscope Surveying,
SPT tools offer a measurement of unparalleled quality assurance in the industry

Magnetic surveying

As the least expensive and more robust option, magnetic tools have always been considered the standard for surveying. They definitely have their place in mine surveying. 

Introducing MagCruiser™, the high-performance cost effective magnetic survey tool, proven its reliability in the harshest mining conditions.

Gyroscopic, Non-magnetic surveying

SPT is proud to have specialized in the manufacturing of high-precision gyros, non-magnetic surveying tools, for mining and oil and gas sectors.

From true north, slim gyro for blast hole application, to reference gyro, the variety shows SPT’s continual innovation for the industry.

Our Best Seller


High-performance magnetic survey tool

The most precise and accurate magnetic survey tool in the market. Works perfectly at all inclinations and automatically generates reports at any interval.

Together with CoreMaster™, MagCruiser™ is our most wanted tool.

SPT Gyroscope Tools

SPT has developed Navibore™, a solid state continuous, north seeking gyro technology, which when paired with their intuitive operating software, offers the most accurate data in the industry. With this technology, a wide range of gyroscope tools for any applications, from mining, oil and gas, anti-collision analysis, drop gyro, gyro-while-drilling, finding pipe defects to quality control.
Below are range of products of SPT owned high-performance gyro tools.

North Seeking Gyro – True north gyro,
3x faster than competition

North seeking gyro with solid state sensors for all downhole applications. The only gyro in the mining industry that is capable of continuous surveying of azimuth from vertical to any orientation.

The benchmark of reference gyro tools

The ultimate downhole directional survey tool . Suitable for any borehole survey needs, even in magnetic-disturbed environments.

The GyroLogic™ Evo operates in both wireline and memory mode.

The slimmest gyro – ideal for blasting

The lightest gyro in the industry with a 32mm diameter, integrated, single-piece, pressure housing, weighing in only 2.4kg.

The perfect gyro for low-cost projects without loss of accuracy and reliability.

North Seeking Combo


North seeking gyro solution for rig alignment and solid-state continuous survey gyro for downhole surveying.

The cost effective way for north-seeking technology.