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High performance magnetic survey tool


Multi diameter digital core orientation tool 

Downhole Navigation

SPT wide range of products for your borehole surveying tools, to ensure accurate results and maximizing your efficiency.
The winning tool for any of your projects.


North seeking gyro with solid state sensors for all downhole applications


High performance, affordable magnetic survey tool.

GyroLogic™ Evo

The benchmark of reference tools. Suitable for any borehole survey needs

GyroLogic™ Evo

The benchmark of reference tools. Suitable for any borehole survey needs

North Seeking Combo

Joint use of GyroLogic™ Evo and Gyro RigAligner, cost effective way to north-seeking technology

Core Orientations

SPT proven and digital core orientation systems.
With user friendly, reliability and efficiency in mind, our Core Orientation systems keep daily production rates at a minimum.


Multi-diameter digital core orientation device


Borehole position and core orientation data in one run

Rig Aligments

Aligning your drill rigs precisely and accurately on the surface and underground operations. SPT alignment systems are among the most robust and accurate rig alignment tools in the market today. m.

Polestar Aligner

Align your rigs in the most extreme latitude

Gyro RigAligner™

Aligning your drill rig in under 5 minutes

Accessories and Software

Combining add-on accessories and software into one smooth process. Saving significant amount of time and increasing company’s bottom line with the latest SPT innovations

Core Retriever™

Complete your survey while pulling the core

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud-based platform for safeguarding and managing real-time survey data


Recording the gamma log during the survey


Portable-high precision calibration stand

Depth Counter

Wireline lightweight depth counter


Easy to use continuous fiberglass rod