Log natural gamma radiation data while measuring with GyroMaster™.
Easily operated by driller. Save time and costs.


Combining the precision and accuracy of a north-seeking gyroscope with the depth correlation and lithology determination capabilities of a gamma sensor.

Correlate depth and measure with GyroMaster™

Using the same depth counter for both measurement, GyroGammaeliminates depth offset issues, ensuring the data is as accurate as possible.

Save time and costs

Designed to be operated by the driller thanks to its robust design, with simple and user-friendly interface.

Compatibility with 
GyroMaster™ and SmartCloud™

Create a single data file for all measurements and instantly upload it to SPT SmartCloud, ensuring the data is always available, accessible and secure.

Operates with GyroMaster™ 
in tandem  or independently 


Technical Specifications

GyroGamma™ works with


The world’s most advanced gyro with outstanding accuracy of 3 sigma.

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud platform for survey data sharing and management