Gyro RigAligner™

The Gyro RigAligner™ aligns surface and underground drilling rigs by
locating True North and inclination at lightning speed.

gyro rigaligner™

All Latitude with High Accuracy

Previously a labour intensive task, the Gyro RigAligner™ has simplified the process and instantly provides true north readings. 

It is specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions while providing an azimuth accuracy of 0.5° and inclination on 0.05°. SPT Gyro RigAligner™ is among the most robust and accurate rig aligner tools in the market today.

Accurately and precisely align drill rigs in less than 5 minutes on the surface and underground operations, increasing productivity.

Designed with a 3 precise axis with a total weight of 4.4kg.

Why Gyro RigAligner is a choice
for your rig alignment system

Eliminate redrilling and reduce downtime

With SPT proprietary Navibore Technology, Gyro RigAligner™ provides the most accurate and reliable data in the drill rig alignment industry.

Eliminates inaccurate data to maintain superior QC and reduces downtime to complete your projects efficiently.

Lightweight device, built for heavy-duty use

Weighing only 4.4kg, Gyro RigAligner™ was designed to be convenient and portable in heavy-duty conditions. 

Real-time results using wireless handheld device

True north in under 5 minutes

Gyro RigAligner is a technological improvement on traditional rig alignment methods. Its north seeking technology paired with automated software makes it driller operated, replacing 3rd party surveying services.

Reduce costs and save time

Gyro RigAligner™

Technical Specifications

Gyro RigAligner™ 

Can be used for below applications:

Diamond Drilling

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Exploration Drilling

Gyro RigAligner™ works with

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