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Gyro PushRodder™ - Alternate

all-in-one deployment system

Gyro PushRodder™

All-in-one deployment system (rod + depth measurement).

Easy to use continuous fiberglass rod, compatible with GyroScout™ and GyroLogic™

Gyro PushRodder™

Effortless integration: Ideal for blasting and short holes

PushRodder is an easy-to-use continuous fiberglass rod, that allows manual deployment of light tools such as GyroScout™ and GyroLogic™ Evo. 

It has integral wireless depth counting system, that communicates seamlessly with SPT’s survey software.

Push and measure accurately in any position with Gyro PushRodder: Ideal for subsurface positive boreholes

Maximize your efficiency with reliable design and rechargeable wireless depth sensor of PushRodder. With minimal moving parts, it’s perfect for multiple surface and underground projects on a single charge. 

Highly recommended for borehole surveying in sublevel caving and sublevel stopping operations.

Gyro PushRodder™

Technical Specifications

Gyro PushRodder™ works with

GyroLogic™ Evo

The ultimate downhole directional survey tool for any borehole needs


The lightest gyro in the industry, ideal for blasting operations