technical overview

RS90 Surface
Coring Drill

Drilling rig RS90 is made and produced in one of RME’s production center in the city of Khabarovsk. The machine is manufactured in accordance with the quality standards of the world’s best drilling equipment manufacturers. 

The design of the machine is similar to the LF-90, but with RME’s original modifications.

The RS90 is a compact drill rig weighing only about 5656kg.

The drill can be easily mounted on a towing group with hydraulic jacks and towed to remote locations to drill up to 1200m NWL V-WALL.

RS90 Surface Coring Drill

Technical Overview

RS90 Surface Coring Drill

Key benefits for adding RS90 Surface Coring Drill to your fleet

Upgraded drill head to prevent oil contamination

Drilling fluid can enter the drill head and the gear box through the top spindle seals.

RME designs and manufactures drill head by special parts to prevent oil contamination on the RS-90

Lubrication system for the gear box

RME puts the lubrication pump with higher capacity than standard pump.

RME implements lubrication system by injectors (circled by red on the picture). The lubrication system allows the lubricate gears, bearing and shafts with sufficient flow even on low rotation speed.

The lubrication system prevents overheating on low gears with low rotation speed while putting casing by high torque.

Easy access for the box of relays

RME designs special room for the box of relays near the engine to help keeping the relays dry and safe, and to have easy access for servicing.

Reinforced mast

The most stressed elements of the machine frame are reinforced.

Additional filtration system

RME additionally builds a filtration system for secondary and auxiliary pumps and for lubrication system of the rotation unit. These filters are located under the control panel for easy access for servicing.

The additional system allows prolong pumps and the rotation unit’s life.

Easy access for servicing

RS90’s steel frame is extended for 20cm to have more space for easy access when servicing hydro components between the hydarulic tank and control panel

RS-90D Surface Coring Drill

RS-90D is an installation for column drilling, an analogue of the Canadian-made LF90D drilling rig,
with all parts interchangeable 98%.