GyroLogic™ Evo
The benchmark of reference tools

GyroLogic™ Evo, the most recent gyro survey equipment built for mining downhole navigation, is at the forefront of technological advancement



As a result of the need for smarter, more efficient, and ecologically responsible solutions, the mining industry is fast evolving. 

GyroLogic™ Evo is the result of SPT’s commitment to innovation and perfection towards the fast evolving mining industry, and it is designed to give the optimal balance of versatility and operational efficiency.

Precision and reliability, taken to the next level

The ultimate downhole directional survey tool. Suitable for any borehole survey needs, even in magnetic-disturbed environments

The survey gyro for all-purpose operations

The GyroLogic™ Evo is an all-in-one pressure barrel that prioritizes your safety by enabling remote operation via Bluetooth connection. 

It is durable, dependable and comprehensive. Having a diameter of 35mm, it is small and lightweight. Centralizers can be coupled to fit most diameters for added versatility.

Survey in magnetically disturbed environments

The GyroLogic™ instrument is a highly accurate, extremely reliable downhole directional survey tool. With pinpoint precision, continuous mode allows for rapid surveying with data points registered at centimeter intervals.

Automated software shows QA/QC data

SPT smart software ensure continuity and consistency throughout the operation. Export format available to Pdf, Excel, CSV, LAS and DXF, Automatically generate detailed pdf reports and easily share among stakeholders. 

Data and reports are tamper-proof to ensure the highest standard of quality control.

GyroLogic™ Evo benefits
that will alter your mining operations

Improve efficiency through weight reduction

At 4.5kg, GyroLogic™ Evo has a lightweight design, which translates directly into simpler handling and transportation

Harness the power of compact design for downhole navigation

Its compact design enables for improved movement in narrow locations, offering new potential for downhole navigation in previously inaccessible areas. Its compact size requires less storage space, making it a cost-effective alternative and a delight to handle

Experience the competitive adge of a quickly manufactures gyro survey tool

GyroLogic™ Evo takes less time to manufacture because it has fewer components and a more streamline design. It also reduces the likelihood of component failure, resulting in enhanced reliability and decreased maintenance costs

Technical Specifications

GyroLogic™ Evo

GyroLogic™ Evo works with

Polestar Aligner

Aligning drill rig using north-seeking gyroscope technology. Designed for gyro rig alignment on extreme latitudes

Gyro RigAligner™

A technological improvement on traditional rig alignment methods. Align drill rig in under 5 minutes, 4x faster than other alignment tools in the market

Depth Counter

Lightweight, compact and easy to use measuring device. Ensures survey accuracy with precise depth control

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud-based platform for safeguarding and managing real-time survey data. 

Keep track of your survey data in real time, from anywhere in the world.


Portable, high precision calibration stand for all your survey tools, easily generates certificates for any audits.

Frequently asked questions

i need an economic tool solution for non-magnetic tool. do you have a suitable tool?

Yes, GyroLogic™ Evo is the answer for the need of smarter, more efficient and ecologically responsible mining solution for non-magnetic tool. It has a lightweight and compact design, harnessing the power of compact design for downhole navigation.

what tools would i need for deep hole non-magnetic operation?

SPT has the solution for your need, with North Seeking Combo of GyroLogic™ Evo and Gyro RigAligner™. Capable of surveying in deep mining boreholes with high accuracy and data integrity at any inclination angle.

how do i manage survey data from other country?

Like other magnetic and non-magnetic tools that are developed by SPT, survey data from GyroLogic™ Evo can be kept in cloud-based platform, SPT SmartCloud™, safeguarding and managing your mining survey data in real-time

how do i acquire gyrologic™ evo for my project? what options do i have?

GyroLogic™ Evo is available for rental and sale. Contact Alternate for more information.