Slimmest gyro ideal for blasting


In the world of mining operations, blast hole measurement plays a key role in maximizing the efficiency of blast planning and execution. A notable technological breakthrough that has revolution blast hole surveying is the introduction of GyroScout ™.

Optimization in blasting operations

The combination of accurate blast hole surveying, system compatibility, intuitive control, streamlined reporting, and effortless deployment results in an optimized blasting process.

By leveraging in GyroScout™ capabilities, mining companies can unlock the power of optimization in their blasting operations.

Allowing miners to achieve the goals of efficiency and accuracy

By reducing errors, optimizing fragmentation size and blast planning, and enabling real-time adjustments, GyroScout™ innovative technology allows mining companies to maximize cost savings, minimize environmental and safety risks, and streamlining their operations.

Optimize Blast Hole Surveying with GyroScout™

The introduction of GyroScout™ is a notable technological breakthrough that has revolutionized blast hole surveying

Why GyroScout™ is an optimal solution
for your blasting operations

A versatile tool, GyroScout™ rugged design allows it to operate at all angles in the most adverse conditions. This state-of-the-art solution has proven to be instrumental in accurately calculating blast hole deviations, providing a reliable presentation of the condition of a blast hole.

Maximum lightness and accuracy

GyroScout™ is the perfect gyro for low-cost projects without the loss of accuracy or reliability.

At only 32mm in diameter and 950mm in length, it  is one of the lightest, most portable and robust gyroscopes on the market. At 2.4 kg weight, it helps you to minimise time and optimise effort in survey operations.

Automated and intuitive software

With native support from SPT SmartCloud™, you can instantly synchronize data in the cloud, manage and store measurements from all mining projects with complete security and data protection. 

Detailed reports can be exported in the most widely used formats in the industry:  PDF, Excel, CSV, LAS and DXF.

Simplicity and versatility of operation

One-piece survey tool – no additional pressure barrel or connection to unscrew during operations.

Connect your tool to Bluetooth, and recharge the tool battery to complete the simple and robust design, making it a long endurance machine.

Technical Specifications


GyroScout™ works with

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud platform for survey data sharing and management


All-in-one deployment system. Easy to use continuous fiberglass rod


Portable calibration on-site to ensure your quality control

Frequently asked questions

how long is the operation time for gyroscout™?

GyroScout™ operates using a Rechargeable Lithium Battery, with operating time of 24 hours. Save your time and money by the ability to recharge the tool battery on site

how do i transport gyroscout™ to site?

Being one of the lightest, most portable and robust gyroscope on the market at only 32mm in diameter, 950mm in length and 2.4kg in weight, GyroScout™ helps you to minimize time and optimize effort in survey operations and logistics.

i will need gyroscout™ for my next blast hole project. what are the available options for this operation?

GyroScout™ is available for rental and sale options, together with PushRodder and SPT SmartCloud™ subscription.

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