north seeking combo

The cost-effective way for north seeking technology

The range of advanced technology from SPT is engineered to fit your needs, and give you confidence in every product. Some of the tools with competitive significant advantages are GyroLogic™ and Gyro RigAligner™.

North seeking combo in ultimate accuracy

The joint use of GyroLogic™ solid-state continuous survey gyro and Gyro RigAligner™ north seeking gyro solution for rig alignment devices eliminates additional survey costs while working with drilling rigs, and is another advanced drilling technological solution delivered to the mining industry.

Continuous survey at any angle of inclination

North Seeking Combo combines Gyro RigAligner™ and GyroLogic™ solutions., capable of surveying in deep mine boreholes with high accuracy and data integrity at any inclination angle. 

With its user-friendly interface, operators’ errors are reduced while detailed QA/QC reports can easily be reported in the industry’s most commonly used formats. Finally, it allows data to be synchronized in the cloud automatically and instantly if desired.

Rig alignment and continuous survey

Aligns the drilling rig in just 5 minutes with the precision that only a north-seeking gyro can offer. 

At the same time it incorporates a robust and reliable continuous survey gyro.

Save several man-hours per day when compared to time-consuming one-shot or multi-shot methods.

Magnetic Interference Resistant

Its resistance to magnetic interference ensures data accuracy and allows you to operate in any surroundings including the most hostile environments thanks to its solid state technology and magnetic shields.

Dimension of North Seeking Combo tools

Below is the dimensions and measurements of Gyro RigAligner™ and GyroLogic™ Evo,

with centralizers fit to a wide range of sizes B to P.

North Seeking Combo

Technical Specifications

North Seeking Combo works with

GyroLogic™ Evo

The ultimate downhole directional survey tool for any borehole survey needs.

Gyro RigAligner

Aligning your drill rig in under 5 minutes, built for heavy-duty use. 4x faster than other alignment tools in the market.

Polestar Aligner

Aligning your drill rigs with high precision and accuracy, even in the most extreme latitudes.

SPT SmartCloud™

Cloud platform for survey data sharing and management


Portable calibration on-site to ensure quality control